DD4BC, Armada Collective, and the Rise of Cyber Extortion

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A group of cybercriminals, calling themselves DD4BC, continues to threaten bitcoin exchanges, gaming sites and financial institutions with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in order to ... "DD4BC says in the email: 'Don't worry, it will not be hard and will stop in 1 hour. It's just to prove that we are serious.' The group asks for 30 bitcoins, with a threat that the price goes up ... DD4BC demanded 1 Bitcoin (about £206, $326) as protection money and for “info on how I did it and what you need to do to prevent it”. ... Bitcoin value plummeted after the fall of Mt. Gox. one particular online gaming institution , the initial ransom was 100 BTC, a market value of about $22,000, much larger than what was requested previously (1 -10 BTC). In an email threat against the two sites, shown in Figure 2, DD4BC wrote, “sites are going under attack unless you pay 10 Bitcoin. DD4BC, Armada Collective, and the Rise of Cyber Extortion . December 7, 2015 • Tyler . DD4BC, a group that named itself after its extortion method of choice — DDoS “4” Bitcoin — has attacked over 140 companies since its emergence in 2014.

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