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We just unleashed the Panda-Beast on the p2pool network..
In times of pools getting hashrates above of 2gh/s (by a total net hashrate @ 4.2 gh/s) its time to prevent the 51% by using a decentralized way of mining.
In short: "Mining solo in a group" :-) For everyone who never heard about p2ool and for everyone who wanna escape pool operators, ddos attacks and high pool and transaction fees:
read: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/P2Pool
Just point your miners to one of the two nodes by using your ThePandaCoin WalletAddress as your Username
"vertminer --scrypt-vert -Q 0 -o stratum+tcp://.....:9190 -u PayoutAddress -p anything"
http://panda.qemulab.com:9190/ -> stratum+tcp://panda.qemulab.com:9190 http://bk-eu.cloudapp.net:9190 -> stratum+tcp://bk-eu.cloudapp.net:9190 (Northeurope) http://bk-us.cloudapp.net:9190/ -> stratum+tcp://bk-us.cloudapp.net:9190 (US Westcoast) http://bk-asia.cloudapp.net:9190 -> stratum+tcp://bk-asia.cloudapp.net:9190 (Asia)
Or just setup your local node by using this:
CU @ P2POOL :-)
P2POOL Scanner is Online : http://pandascanner.qemulab.com/
Thanks to TheoRettisch! :-)
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Asking questions

So I've decided to join the illustrious pursuit of Bitcoin mining. I've done a bit of research on the matter, and read over a few of the posts here. And I still have a lot of research to do yet. My first problem is that there's still a lot that I'm not sure about and I'm still new enough that I don't quite know the right questions to ask, or if the questions I'm trying to ask are even applicable. So, I wanted to outline my situation and some of my thoughts here and see if this great community could help direct my research.
To start off, I purchased my ASIC hardware today, and I'm awaiting delivery. I managed to get a total of 13.2GH/s for less than $300, which seemed like a good buy. It's more MH/s per $ than the $350 USB device that butterfly labs was offering. I know that's pretty weak, but it's where I've decided to start. It's good enough for getting my feet wet.
My first real question is regarding the network bandwidth requirements of an active mining setup. All of the online guides I have read have said absolutely nothing to this issue. Common sense would tell me that this is either a negligible concern or in some other way, so bluntly obvious that it doesn't bear mentioning. So at the risk of sounding dense, can anybody describe their situation in this area? I've got a 12Mb/s DSL connection, will that be a bottleneck issue or will it suffice?
As I've come to understand, my next steps are to setup a wallet for the currency, join a user pool and setup a mining client. And it's these steps where my questions begin.
The most popular choice among the webz for walltes was easily Bitcoin Armory, but the 6GB RAM requirement is a nonstarter for my current hardware setup. I understand that they are working to reduce that requirement and that, also, there are hardware wallet modules hitting the market soon. Until one of the two options becomes available, I'm looking at utilizing a third party, web based wallet. Any suggestions in that regard would be appreciated. But my first concern with a wallet is that I am very interested in mining cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. I haven't been able to get an answer as to whether or not I will need an individual wallet for each unique currency I mine or if wallets generally support more than one currency type.
Reading through a number of the beginner's guides found through google gave me the impression that installing a mining client and joining a mining pool were separate issues. But a thread I read here seemed to indicate that particular clients were tied to specific mining pools. Preferably, I'd prefer a client that would allow me to select a mining pool, as well as supporting mining for Bitcoin as well as multiple other cryptocurrencies. Is that a realistic expectation?
If the tone of any of my questions suggest any broad misconceptions, I would appreciate a heads up. If anybody can link to some helpful literature on the subject, that would also be appreciated.
Thanks for reading, and cheers for any help.
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